Attention to Detail

General Features

Top quality luxury fittings: elegance, individuality and convenience

All residences are fitted with panelled security doors and a choice of video entryphones for visitor access.

Interior design is enhanced by selective use of suspended ceilings and concealed lighting together with discreet air conditioning and ventilation ducting buried within the walls. Each residence has independent air-conditioning and hot water systems, the latter provided by a combination of solar panels and boilers.

Kitchens and bathrooms are fitted with designer units and fittings from top names. Individual owners may choose specific layouts to meet their precise needs.

For ease of operation all dwellings will be equipped with smart systems for fingertip control of shutters, lighting, sound, balcony awnings and air-conditioning.

Hardwood floors of exceptional quality add to the warm ambience of each home.


Special Details

A planted rock garden and a long sparkling water feature create a zen-like ambience and a refreshing touch of elegance to the entrance.

Garden design is by landscape architects.

A simple yet chic wooden (irocco) structure decorates the front façade offering a sense of warmth and enhancing the uniqueness of the building.


Energy Saving and Sustainability

Modern devices and equipment ensure comfort and respect for the environment. At a simple level these include rainwater collection tanks for use in the gardens and green spaces, and solar panels for hot water. Underfloor heating in all spaces creates background warmth while keeping down energy costs. Environmentally friendly design features such as reflective glass and brises soleil reduce solar heat gain. The use of advanced-technology aluminium frames and thermo/acoustic-insulating glass for balcony doors attenuates noise and seasonal heat loss/gain. Stylish LED track lighting accentuates the interior design and saves energy. All homes provide optional mains gas connection.