The Upscale Village Development

A unique high-end residential seaside resort in the Southern-most part of Europe.

On completion of the international chain hotel, the gradual construction of the Upscale Village Development will commence. The Village will operate autonomously as an exclusive community with exceptional services and amenities. An array of luxury villas, townhouses and apartments will be meticulously arranged in cosy enclosed neighbourhoods. Each neighbourhood will be specially designed with immaculate gardens and courtyards, all with endless views of the azure sea due to the sloping and amphitheatrical landscape.

A traditional central square will be the main point of reference creating the community hub of the Village. It will be a people-friendly meeting place combining vibrance and culture. Here home owners and visitors will have the opportunity to experience authentic Cretan dining, entertainment and cultural events. A sense of warm hospitality will encompass the Village square with the presence of a church, a cultural centre, an amphitheatre, various shops and services, a choice of restaurants, cafeterias, bars etc.

The exclusive Country Club will be another principle facility of the Village. A well-laid-out building within a peaceful setting will aim at providing a relaxed atmosphere which will be enhanced by a variety of special amenities and services offered. The following will be included: 8-12 tennis courts, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, gym, fitness studio, children’s theme park, a beauty salon, function halls and various shops. 

By virtue of its untouched surroundings, the Village will strive to promote conservation and community development all year round. The green areas of the property will be designed in an appropriate way regarding infrastructure, dynamics and staff support in order to promote a variety of activities. The Village will incorporate a centre for agrotourism, aiming at enlightening guests to the beauty of nature and the wonders of the island’s culture, providing enriching local experiences. Both residents and visitors will be able to participate in agricultural and farming activities, pottery, artwork and traditional cooking. Additionally, due to the diverse landscape of the region, a variety of adventurous and exciting outdoor activities will be offered. On land there will be well-organised mountain climbing and hiking, impressive nature trails, horse-riding, pony-trails, bird-watching and archery. From the beach a variety of water sports and activities will be organised such as water-skiing, sailing, power boating, scuba diving, snorkelling, surfing and fishing.

One of the main objectives is for the creation of a versatile environment which will encompass a large variety of interests in a particularly distinct and integrated development. All activities available will be organised and coordinated jointly between the Village Development and the international chain hotel. This cooperation with strong synergies between the residential and leisure components will play an important role in enhancing the overall lifestyle experience of the development throughout the year.

With the real-estate availability of both The Integrated Touristic Development (Phase A) and The Upscale Village Development (Phase B), Emerald will aim at attracting ongoing tourism throughout the year, supporting services offered even during the low-season. This will create an ideal all-season seaside resort destination in the Southern-most part of Europe.