The Triopetra Project

The project will be developed on the privately owned property of Emerald covering an area of 1.623.000sqm.

Inspired by the area’s breathtaking natural surroundings and rich cultural heritage, the objective of Emerald is to create a unique leading residential and leisure sea-side resort in the Southern-most part of Europe.

Nestled between undulating hills and a pristine beach skirted by white sand and scintillating blue waters, the development will aim at attaining a harmonious balance with nature and creating a place of serenity. The master-planning, architectural designs and operation will be in keeping with the ecological and cultural features of Crete, conserving, complimenting and reinforcing both. This ecologically designed resort, with an unprecedented level of luxury reaching the highest of standards, will become one of the most desired in the Mediterranean.

With its highly distinguished and unique character, the development will target the high-end markets originating primarily from Germany, U.K., Russia, France, Scandinavian countries and Greece.


The formation of the project consists of two phases:
Phase A is The Integrated Touristic Development
situated along the beach front with an area of 272.495sqm;
Phase B is The Upscale Village Development
situated on the adjacent property with an area of 1.330.107sqm.

The Integrated Touristic Development The Upscale Village Development

All the financial, technical and master-planning studies have been assigned to prestigious companies - both Greek and international.

The American-based SASAKI was responsible for carrying out the master-plan of the overall project. SASAKI specialises in the planning of large-scale developments and has master-planned renowned leisure and real-estate resorts in the whole of America, Europe, the Caribbean and Asia.

The British-based AECOM has carried out the market research and feasibility study. Its department, Leisure Economics, specialises in international tourist and real-estate consultancy. It has 50 years of experience both in related market research and financial studies of various resorts worldwide and is recognised for its know-how and expertise.

The Greek companies POLIS, ENVECO, DENCO, EPEM, GEOPER, HAIDARLIS and METROGEONET are responsible for drawing up all the necessary technical studies, establishing all the legal requirements and carrying out the complex procedure of licensing the entire project. These companies have years of experience in each of their respective fields and are highly respected in Greece.