Alive by the Sea


Konstantinou Karamanli 4, Glyfada

As a suburb of Athens, Glyfada is among the most desirable, enjoying all the sophistication of the modern capital city - the shops, the restaurants and nightspots - but without the oppression of crowded and polluted streets.

Glyfada is alive, a fresh place by the sea, well-planned, with wide tree-lined streets. It is spacious, an aspirational place to live.

The ancients recognised the area's special gifts. Today's Athenians know it for its welcoming beaches, its four marinas - one of which is home to a small fishing fleet that lands a daily catch - and its excellent sports and recreation facilities, including the superb Donald Harradine-designed Glyfada Golf Course.

Benefitting from recent enhancements in transport, Glyfada is now one of the best-connected suburbs of the city. Numerous bus routes and the new tram service head in all directions, with frequent services to central Athens, Piraeus and the airport.

Bounded by Nisous, Karamanli G. Constantinou and Kalypsous Streets, Emerald Terraces enjoys an enviable location 250 metres from the sea and nearby marinas of Agios Kosmas and the Fourth Marina of Glyfada, with easy access to Posidonos Avenue and the centre of Glyfada. Also very close is the undulating green landscape of Glyfada Golf Course pleasantly planted with trees and shrubs.

This prestigious neighbourhood is characterised by low-density luxury housing set amid the bright green of wide tree-lined streets and carefully-tended gardens.

The definitive modern design of Emerald Terraces makes this a much sought-after development.  But equally important, its position adjacent to the former Elliniko airport, which has been designated for transformation into a National Park, will increase not only quality of life in the area but also the financial value of the property.