Photos Photiades Group

Photos Photiades Group was founded in 1942 and has grown into one of the largest and most successful, reliable, responsible and fastest evolving private groups of companies in Cyprus and throughout the Balkans. More than 1.100 people work for the group, which is a leader in the field of beverages production, beverages and other goods distribution, as well as real estate projects and financial services. The group has significant presence in Cyprus, Greece, Romania, Croatia and Slovenia.

"Enjoying together every moment"

The group’s motto is to enjoy together with its customers every moment of life.

Whether this is in regards to quality entertainment, healthy lifestyle, luxury housing or the protection provided by a valuable life insurance product, the group’s goal is to provide for every consumer, every single moment, the most enjoyable, qualitative and responsible choice.

Based on its three Fundamental Value Pillars, Credibility, Responsibility and Growth, the Photos Photiades Group managed through time to develop exceptional manufacturing, real estate, commerce, financial and marketing skills.